How does the booth actually work?

It’s so simple it’s almost magic. People approach the booth, whether having grabbed a prop or not, and can see themselves in the mirror. There is a touchscreen prompt that guides the user through the photo taking session. 

Once the images are complete guests are asked to leave the booth to pick up their prints from the printing station.

You can choose the option to have an attendant there to help your guests with the process.

Do you have to operate the Booth?

Operating the booth is simple! It's as simple as loading a printer with paper. Just like other printers, there is the small chance that it could jam. This may require someone with the savvy to do a quick fix. We provide a handy instructional document on how to use and operate the booth with your rental. 

If you'd rather not worry about it during your event, you can add on one of our helpful attendants! 

How to make sure the Booth is a hit with your guests? 

There are definitely a few things you can do to make sure your booth is on point.

Placement – Make sure the booth is accessible and close to the action. 

Get the word out! Let your DJ, MC or bandleader know that getting people in the booth is a priority and that you hope for an announcement and reminders throughout the evening. Also appoint a few ambassadors, such as moms and key event personnel to remind folks to pay the booth a visit.

Take ownership of the booth experience and personalize it to be a reflection of you, your interests and what’s important to you. While we provide awesome props and backdrops to make those memories sparkle, you have the power and insight to make your booth one of a kind for your special event.

What kind of props do you bring? 

We offer an assortment of standard photo booth props that are popular on Pinterest and other lifestyle sites. Our prop collection can change as we collect fun, and interesting new items and retire older props. The basic prop kit is a mix of paper props with sticks for holding.

What kind of backdrops do you provide? 

We provide 4 types of backdrop options for your event. If you'd like to consider a custom back drop you can get in touch with us to inquire.

When do I get my photos?

You'll be provided a digital link to download your photos within 1 week of your event. 

How long does setup take?

Set up takes at least 1 hour and is included as part of your rental in addition to your rental hours.

What are the options for custom photo frames?

We provide clients with a photo frame look-book to select from. If you would like a fully customized photo frame, get in touch with us at Customizations may occur additional charges.

What space and power needs are required?

We suggest a space that is at least 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep and 9 feet tall. This provides ample room for a prop table and huge packs of guests to get in the frame.

We require clean, dedicated power within 20′ of where the booth will be placed.

My event is outside, can I use the Magic Mirror?

The photo booth may be placed in an exterior location, provided it is protected from weather and light variation (in a tent with proper dimensions. Clients are responsible for providing power to the photo booth (110V, 10 amps, 3 prong outlet). The ground must be dry and leveled.

What is the booking process like?

First, you take a look through the website to check out all the different options. Then navigate to our in site scheduler to check availability and purchase your rental. Once you've purchased your rental through the website, you'll receive a confirmation email and one of our team members will be in contact with you shortly. 

The team member will work out all the important details for your event. After that all you need to do is sit back, grab a prop, and have fun! 

What is the payment schedule and refund policy?

Bookings are first come, first served and require payment in full to reserve us for your date.

If the client wishes to cancel the booking thirty days before the event date, then the client is eligible for a full refund. An e-mail notification must be sent to thirty days before the event. The full amount will be credited back onto the client’s account where he/she paid the amount. After the thirty day period, any cancellations are non-refundable.

I'm not in Squamish, can you deliver to other areas? 

Yes, we service all the Sea to Sky Corridor. There is a $60 fee for events outside of Squamish within the Sea to Sky and Metro Vancouver. If you are in another area, please get in touch with us to inquire about availability and delivery.